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The trusted easy way

to make posts plumb. secure. strong.

Closed cell polyurethane foam that expands and hardens, locking your post in place.


No matter the project,
Postloc works with all materials

Postloc is the ideal solution for…

Shipped to your door!

No need to go to your big box store to buy 2 bags of concrete, break your back putting them in your trunk, break your back carrying them to your project site, break your back mixing the concrete. Stop breaking your back! A one-post kit weighs just under 4lbs.

Simple to use

Simply pour the contents of “A” bottle into the “B” bottle, put the cap on, and shake until thoroughly mixed – usually takes around 30 to 40 seconds. When it’s ready, pour into void and watch it work!

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The two parts of foam fence post backfill

Quality Ingredients

The two-part urethane foam expands 15 times its original volume and sets in 15 minutes. Best of all, it’s simple for anyone to use: just mix the two bottles, shake, pour, and watch it set.

Lasting Results

Postloc is a closed-cell urethane product. It does not float or degrade in water, but stays solid and holds firm even in marshy and wet areas like culverts. It even keeps groundwater clean, as the foam bonds directly to the pole and prevents wood treatment used on most poles from seeping into the soil.

Fast Shipping

We know that time is of the essence when it comes to shipping. We work with trusted carriers to provide reliable and efficient delivery services that meet your needs. Our shipping process is streamlined and optimized to minimize the time between order placement and delivery.

Postloc is the same commercial formula we've sold to the utility line industry for 35+ years packaged for residential DIY projects.

Lineman from Texas

Comment from one of our videos

"Minimum Effort, Maximum Results 🤜 🤛"

In their words...

Union Lineman

Veteran Lineman review from one of our videos

"It's ROCK SOLID. I've used post setting foam on HUNDREDS of Poles over the Years."