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Basketball Posts

1. Mix

2. Pour

3. Set

What is Postloc?

Postloc is a foam backfill product specifically designed and packaged to be used for small to medium post setting applications like fences, gates, mailboxes, flags, bird houses, satellite dishes and basketball hoops. More specifically, Postloc is a two-part, high density, closed cell polyurethane foam with a “holding” strength proven superior to traditional backfill products like concrete. In addition, job effort and exertion with Postloc are far easier and faster than traditional methods. There is nothing heavy to carry, no water needed, no flimsy, messy bags, and the foam sets in minutes versus hours or days. Postloc was designed by the original inventors of polyurethane backfill products at BMK, which has been setting 80-foot utility poles since 1988.


Easy to use
Nothing heavy to carry
No water needed
No messy bags
Sets in just 15 minutes
Superior holding strength
Works with all post materials (woods, metals, vinyl and more)
Can be used in all seasons
Works well with various soil types
Simply the better solution!


The original pioneer of polyurethane foam backfill, BMK Corporation has been supplying the utility industry with convenient foam kits for pole setting and straightening since 1988. Over the years, many industries have come to rely on BMK polyurethane products like Polecrete® Stabilizer, Padcrete™ and Postloc® because of their consistent, reliable quality and our convenient, easy-to-use, time-saving kit packaging. Now you can, too, for all your home and small business needs!

Perfect for fences, gates, mailboxes, flagpoles, birdhouses, clotheslines, garden lights & more.