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Setting fence posts can be a daunting task. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to build a new fence or a contractor seeking efficiency, you’ve likely encountered the challenges of using concrete. It’s heavy, it takes time to set, it requires careful mixing, and it requires quite a bit of clean up after to keep your tools and yard clean. Similarly, many contractors simply tamp the post into the dirt, but is that the best alternative for post setting? Does tamping truly provide the stability and longevity you need?

Enter Postloc, a foam post set solution that’s transforming the way we approach fence post installation. Imagine a product that’s as durable as concrete but without the hassle. Lightweight, quick to set, and designed with you in mind, Postloc is the choice for those seeking a smarter, more efficient way to set fence posts.

Join us as we explore why Postloc is winning the hearts of homeowners and professionals alike, offering a future-proof solution that combines innovation with reliability.

1. Understanding Post Setting Foam

Post setting foam, like Postloc, is more than just an alternative to concrete. It’s a revolution in fence post installation, offering strength, moisture resistance, and flexibility. Here’s how Postloc stands out:

  • Strength Comparable to Concrete: Tested and proven, Postloc offers a robust solution that withstands environmental factors. You can view our video above to watch our bigger kit of foam, polecrete, being tested by linemen. Postloc is the same foam trusted by linemen around the globe for setting utility poles, we just put it in a smaller kit for home sized projects.
  • Resistant to Moisture and Decay: Say goodbye to cracks and crumbles. Postloc ensures long-lasting performance.
  • Flexible Yet Firm: Experience the perfect balance of flexibility and firmness with Postloc, reducing the risk of damage.
Mixing the two parts of postloc to create the expanding reaction that will set a fence post

2. Why Choose Postloc? The Ease of Use Factor

Postloc isn’t just about strength; it’s about making your life easier. Here’s how:

  • Quick Setting Time: From mixing to fully hardened is less than 15 minutes. Postloc saves you time, as once it’s cured, you can move on to the next part of your project.
  • No Special Tools Required: Simple and user-friendly, Postloc is perfect for DIY enthusiasts and professionals. Everything you need comes in the box, we just can’t dig the hole for you!
  • Eco-Friendly: Join the green revolution with Postloc, an environmentally responsible choice. Our foam is USDA BioPreferred, and is created with the world’s leading eco-friendly Polyurethane blowing agent, Ecomate.

3. Longevity: How Long Do Foam Set Fence Posts Last with Postloc?

Wondering about the longevity of foam set fence posts? With Postloc, you’re investing in a future-proof solution:

  • Longevity Comparable to Concrete: Years, if not decades, of reliable performance. Again, linemen use this on poles they are trusting with their lives. Utility companies love Polecrete because it extends the life of their poles by protecting against rot and requiring no maintenance.
  • Warranty and Support: We stand by our product with a warranty and dedicated customer support.
  • Real Customer Reviews: Hear from those who have experienced the Postloc difference.

“We are always having to replace a fence post on the farm. This saved all the gravel, dirt packing or using concrete. Watched a satellite installer set the dish using this product and was amazed. We needed to replace a gate post and this worked really well.”

– Diane C. on amazon

This was a god send, worked far better than advertised. Vinyl post in 20 degree weathering, when they say 20-30 sec. they mean 20-30 sec. it was over in a minute so be prepared to move, cleans up was quick!

Contents of a 2 post kit of postloc, the fast setting fence post mix
– Bob J. on amazon

4. Your Next Project Deserves Postloc

Whether it’s a fence, sign, or any structure requiring setting posts, Postloc is your go-to solution:

  • Cost-Effective: Save both time and money with Postloc.
  • Proven Performance: Trust the track record of success.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: We value you, and our product reflects that commitment.

Embrace the Future with Postloc

How long do foam set fence posts last? With Postloc, the answer is clear: as long as concrete, if not longer. Embrace the future of fence post installation with Postloc, a product designed with you in mind.

Visit to learn more. Your fence, and your back, will thank you!